Gemini mend tend to be fickle in their attention and their affection. So, it is not uncommon for them to decide to move on, seemingly at the drop of a hat.

But they can come back just as easily. If you want to get a Gemini back, you do need to show him that you have changed.

He needs to see that you can return to the fun and excitement that existed at the start of your relationship. Gemini men are known for being a bit inconsistent, and they will often change their minds about what they want.

For this reason, they are very likely to get back together after a break-up. But only if it is what they want. If you want to get a Gemini man back, you need to show him that rekindling your romance will actually be a step forward.

Show him that you have changed. He does not want to step back into the same issues and arguments. He wants to move forward to new, fun, and exciting times. To make a Gemini man want to get back together with you, it is important to show him that the relationship will be different from how it was before, and that it will be fun. If you broke up because of a certain issue, you need to show him that the particular issue is done and dusted and that you have moved on.

Show him that you are ready to move onto new and more exciting things. Gemini men are attracted to people who seem like they are always doing something new and interesting.

This was probably one of the things he liked about you in the first place.

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Some of this shine can wear off as you get to know each other better and your lives become intertwined. You lose that element of mystique. But when you spend some time apart, you have the chance to get it back. While these sensitive souls are usually good at reading other people, when it comes to you, he may have blinkers on. If he is keen to get back together, he might interpret any signals you are sending as wishful thinking on his part. For Gemini men, love and relationships are meant to be fun.

does gemini man come back

If you come across as too intense or needy, this can be a red flag for him that the relationship will be difficult.Things were just peachy between you and your Gemini man, and then you had a fight. The reality is, everything depends on the situation. You can learn exactly how Gemini men work on a deep, internal level and strengthen your bond with the comprehensive guide Gemini Man Secrets.

There are a lot of layers to this question. First, how badly is he hurt? A really deep emotional cut for a Gemini is tough to get over. The relationship, communication, everything. There are less final outcomes for you and your Gemini man. He might take some time alone just to get the sadness out. Again, totally depends on how bummed out he is.

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Geminis genuinely hate to be upset. Perhaps the bigger question here is, how do you turn things around again? Maybe you said something that deeply offended your Gemini guy. The reason is that he needs to disconnect from you for some time to analyze the situation and collect his thoughts. And analyze he will. Every word, movement and angle he can think of. He might get second and third opinions from others, too.

You can learn about other reasons he goes silent in Gemini Man Secrets.

How to Get a Gemini Man Back and Keep Him Hooked?

But really, what he needs is time to stop feeling bad. Geminis have the ability to recover fairly quickly, but much of that ability comes from their own self-preservation. Geminis are highly protective of their feelings, and anyone or anything that encroaches on them will be blocked.

When your Gemini gives you the cold shoulder, you can give him a day or two to be alone with his thoughts if you think the situation merits it. Try offering an explanation, along with an apology, in an email. Or if leaving a voicemail is more your style, you may do that instead.

Make sure that what you say is open and honest. Just give him the straight truth and leave it up to him to make the next move. Trying to sweet talk it out of him can backfire, and getting upset yourself will work against you. He may open up after a while, or he might just want to push past it altogether. In that case, you might never find out what really happened.

Best to address the issue with him before it develops into something more serious. It may come up at inopportune times or snowball into something else entirely. Even if he tries to laugh it off when you bring it up, gently tell him that you know this is something that has been bugging him and then tell him how you want to help.

While your Gemini man might be quick to move on from something that you said or did that caused him pain, it may stick with him. He could potentially even become secretive as a defense mechanism.Do Gemini guys ever come back to their exes? The short answer is yes. But Gemini is a mutable sign. Mutable signs are changeable, and perhaps nobody demonstrates this as clearly as the Gemini. Ever witness him switch his whole argument mid-sentence?

does gemini man come back

There you go. It might be thanks to that mutable energy that the Gemini remains open to the idea of getting back together, at least before he officially moves on. How the relationship ended plays a part. If you cheated, he might not be inclined to jump back into dating. More on this subject as part of a practical and comprehensive guide to dating and marrying a Gemini man can be found in Gemini Man Secrets.

Geminis just need freedom. Similarly, if he feels pressured by you to start dating again, he might dig his heels in. Coax him by allowing him to respond in his own time. It can also mean picking up new hobbies that your ex never knew you would be interested in before.

It also means having interesting thoughts and stories to share. What else has he missed? As in, if you were a bit clingy, demonstrate your self-sufficiency by having your own life prioritized. But he may not have a clear pathway, or his mind might be in two camps at once: give things another go, or break it off for good. He may ask about it, in which case you should be honest and upfront about your desires. Honesty is the key word. Be transparent with him.

A Gemini man might test you if he knows you want him back. He might poke at you from time to time with comments he thinks will get a rise out of you. Or he might subject you to some darker moods.

By no means should you let him go overboard. Call him out on his bull! But try not to be overly sensitive at the same time. He needs an emotionally resilient partner, one who can handle his mercurial nature.

So presenting him with a seriously emotional display might not go down so well. Tears may scare him and passionate declarations of undying love might be more than he can handle.

That can be tough, I know. The last thing you want to do when talks with your ex are going well is dial back your feelings. But trust me, you want to take the pressure off any way that you can.

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He just wants to ease into the flow with enough time to reflect on his own feelings in the process. Maybe the number one rule here is to keep from seeming desperate to date him again. Neediness puts him off. Keep your schedule pretty full and work him in around it. Keep your eye on the prize by making it a bit of a back-burner thing.

That will make him comfortable, and drive him crazy. Need to know a lot more?Have you recently had a break up with a Gemini man and now feel lost without him?

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How to get a Gemini man back after things have ended between you? I can definitely help you out ladies! Talk to him with logic and reason.

He just cannot cope with things like this. In reality; if he broke it off because you were too emotional; this is all the more reason to stabilize. Just learn to communicate without having to be emotionally charged. Learn some techniques that will help you to open up without seeming needy. You can try techniques such as yoga or meditation. They could help you ground and center yourself so that you can calmly discuss things on a mature level that he will respond well to.

Gemini \

One of the things that make a Gemini man re-think his relationships is whether or not there is a routine there. He himself gets bored with any sort of routine thus his need for constant stimulation and excitement. It keeps his mind busy. When it comes to relationships; he tries to be the same way. He wants you to do things differently sometimes. Giving him lots of free time will help ease the burden of you keeping him stimulated as well.

Let him be free to do the things he loves to do. This step will definitely help you with how to make a Gemini man miss you after breakup. Look for things that will help make your intimate time more sexy and creative. Be experimental and open-minded when it comes to sex.

Part of not being emotional means you will need to keep yourself upbeat and peppy. Take care of yourself and do things that you really love. Do things that lift you up and make you feel like a million bucks.The Gemini in general is extroverted and dynamic with their bold personality traits and interests attract the other signs.

When it comes to love for the Gemini man, it is easy for them to fall head over heels and, like any prince attracted to a princess in a fairy tale storybook, they will try to sweep you off your feet.

Unfortunately, like any fairy tale storybook, the reality of it is not as easy. Despite them being Prince Charming, it is unknown when the clock will strike midnight and the relationship is over. Before we understand how we can get our Prince Gemini back, here are some reasons as to why he might leave you:. The Gemini needs spontaneity in his life. He's not one to be tied down because he craves change and constantly needs excitement in his life. As mentioned previously, he can't be tied down, otherwise he'll be like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode at any time.

It may be because you're too demanding or you're pushing him to be more committed to the relationship. He won't let anyone trap them in this kind of situation. Here's more about signs a shy Gemini man likes you. The Gemini man is not someone dependable or reliable. Since he needs excitement, don't be surprised to find him constantly moving around. In order to be happy, he needs to make spontaneous choices, and he needs change and variety. Here's more about how to know if a Gemini man likes you through text.

A Gemini man that is genuinely committed will make a great companion. However, it is not easy to get him back once he's left as he can be unreliable. Looking at the Gemini's symbol of the Twins, they are looking for someone to complete them. He needs someone to understand him especially since he is stubborn. If he's been hurt before in the past, he will hide those emotions deep down, so much that he will never reach that core where he hid those emotions.

As a result, others won't be able to understand him either. Though it will be difficult to reach these hidden feelings, it will be worth it once you understand just the kind of beautiful personality he has deep down. Here's more about how to tell if a Gemini man is playing you.

The Gemini needs room to breathe. More than anything they need their independence, so it is incredibly important that you accept the freedom and space that he needs. Before deciding to pick up that cellphone and dialing your ex's number, be sure that you've given him enough space to breathe.Sometimes after break up, it is happen that why does my Gemini ex keep coming back?

This is a common question when your mate feels doesn't want to leave you and want to keep the relationship. Off course, this should be not a weird thing. There are thousand of reasons on why they still coming and what to do when he gosts you and comes back.

But sometimes, it is difficult for you to trust whether this is a truth or only last for short periode. Off course there are plenty of reasons on why is your ex is keep coming back. Specially if he or she is a Gemini. It is important to understand that basically a Gemini is a person that easily to feel touched on something. Even there are 6 main reasons why it is hard for Gemini to commit. They easily touched and by the time they think about the memories last between both of you, they feel to want you again.

This is common to happen since Gemini has a soft heart that easily feels touched. You might be a too good person for them. Therefore, there is no one can replace you ever. This is common to make someone to keep coming back to their ex after finding that other persons can make them happy or not suit with their thinking.

By the time they remember that you are better and too good, they will start to think to come back with you again. It also might because they thinking something is missing when they end up the relationship with you. Therefore, they don't want to feel this empty space and wish to have you come back again with him. They expect that this can bright their day and everything will get better anymore when you both turn into relationship again. They might thinking that you are the most romantic zodiac signs in relationship so far.

does gemini man come back

Therefore, it is difficult not to let you go. Especially if both of you having too many sweet memories. It is truly hard to forget and they will absolutely wish can come back with you again.

They also can think that you are fit with them to run a serious relationship. Such as if both of you ready to make family or being married. Of course it is a long decision. Therefore, it possibly that they think about it much and finally ready to make commitment together.

They have sure that you are the best person for their life. If you wish that your Gemini ex can come back to you again, then it must be a perfect timing to get your relationship better. Therefore, to make sure you can end up into relationship again, make sure to do the following tips:.

Those all some reasons of why does my Gemini ex keep coming back If you feel still loving him or her and wish to get your relationship back again, then do the above things. Make sure this time you run a good relationship so that it wouldn't over after short periode and even can stay longer and result a serious relationship or even feel the advantages of love and arranged marriage.

The key is to be patient and to know each other very well. Then you will end up with a happy ending together.Breakups are hard. Moving on is harder. And sometimes you know you have lost a perfect partner. But whatever your story may be, love always deserves a second chance. It isn't uncommon to want a Gemini ex-boyfriend back. They have this charisma and personality that leaves an everlasting impression.

But winning him back is a tough job. A job that you will have to commit to if you want to achieve what you set out to. And this doesn't end at getting him back.

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You will have to keep him hooked to avoid another breakup. So, want to know how you can get your Gemini man back? Here are some tips and tricks that will help you win his heart back! There are some zodiac signs that never turn back to a past relationship. So, it is important to know if it will be worth trying to get the Gemini male back? The simple answer to this is Yes.

It is possible to get a Gemini man back after a breakup. But you have to understand the dynamics of this situation.

How Does a Gemini Man Act When He’s Hurt? (What You Should Do)

A lot of his behavior post-breakup will have to do with who broke up with whom. He will always be in a dual mind if he broke up with you. One moment he would regret breaking up. The next he will pat himself on the back for doing it. He will fill you up with the hope of reconciliation only to shatter it. If the Gemini man broke up with you then you have to be very careful.

Never get your hopes up till you actually have him back. It will be easier to get him back if you broke up with him. For quite sometime after the breakup, the Gemini man lives in melancholy.

He will cry about you to his friends. Maybe even lash out about the breakup to them. But if you can get him back during this period that will be the easiest. Once the Gemini man has moved on, it will be very hard to get him back. It takes a really long time for the Gemini guy to get over being dumped.

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