Please be advised that, depending on the specified due date, the guidelines contained in NSF may apply to proposals submitted in response to this funding opportunity.

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates REU program supports active research participation by undergraduate students in any of the areas of research funded by the National Science Foundation. REU projects involve students in meaningful ways in ongoing research programs or in research projects specifically designed for the REU program. This solicitation features two mechanisms for support of student research: 1 REU Sites are based on independent proposals to initiate and conduct projects that engage a number of students in research.

REU Sites may be based in a single discipline or academic department or may offer interdisciplinary or multi-department research opportunities with a coherent intellectual theme. Proposals with an international dimension are welcome. This program provides indirect funding for undergraduate students to participate in research. To inquire about possible funding opportunities, please contact the organizations that have received awards.

Do not contact NSF. Contact Help Search search. Search search. Home Funding. Email Print Share.SR-EIP offers closely mentored research experiences in the life and physical sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and the humanities at 20 research institutions across the country.

Apply Now. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the entire application package, including two letters of recommendation and official transcript sis received by the February 1, deadline. The Leadership Alliance programs encourage diversity to further its goal of preparing young scholars from underrepresented and underserved populations for graduate training and are not exclusionary on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, national and ethnic origin, disability, veteran status, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Click here to visit each institution's website for specific information on opportunities and program requirements. The FYRE program provides research opportunities for students who have just completed their first year at one of our minority-serving partner institutions.

Students who are recommended for the FYRE program by faculty mentors are eligible to apply. The program offers:. To participate in SR-EIP you must: Be currently enrolled full-time in an accredited public or private college or university in the United States or its territories, as recognized by the U.

Department of Education. Be in good academic standing with a GPA of 3. Have completed at least two semesters and have at least one semester remaining of their undergraduate education by the start of the summer program. Be a documented U. Individuals seeking asylum or refugees are not eligible. How to apply. Application deadline is February 1, Apply here by February 14, We will begin sending first-round offers on February 24, Introduction Purpose Research Projects Important Dates Eligibility How to Apply.

The University of Maryland's Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physicswith support from the National Science Foundationis offering exciting research opportunities for undergraduate students in the broad area of nonlinear dynamics.

Students from a variety of universities and backgrounds typically work in teams of two or three for 10 weeks during the summer and are supervised jointly by faculty members and graduate students.

The program begins June 1 and ends August 7, Research projects will be theoretical, experimental, or both. Examples of research topics are: experimental studies of nonlinear systems - turbulence and flows; theoretical and computational studies of magnetic reconnection and the dynamics of energetic particles; nonlinear dynamics in charged particle beam systems; synchronization patterns in optoelectronic networks; the dynamics of soft matter, granular matter, and biomaterials; theoretical and computational studies of emergence in nonlinear dynamics; optical nonlinearity in topological systems; motion guidance for underwater vehicles using autonomous control and oceanographic models with forecast uncertainty; and dynamics of living cells.

A number of events will be sponsored during the summer to enhance the learning experience, including a weekly seminar series on a wide range of topics, the production of a multimedia communication piece for a general audience, and a research fair at the end of the summer where the students will present the results of their investigations.

During the program, students develop their research projects, attend technical seminars, produce a multimedia piece, visit local industry and government organizations, and meet with leaders in the field. The summer program culminates in the TREND Research Fair, a half-day program during which student teams demonstrate their accomplishments and are evaluated by a panel of experts.

The top prize for the best paper competition will normally be travel expenses to a suitable conference where the students can present their research results.

In addition to the stipend, on-campus housing in designated UMCP-owned and operated facilities is covered by the program if the student resides outside the greater Washington, D. Married student housing is not available.

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Project names are linked to their respective descriptions. Faculty members and project directors' names are linked to their home pages where available. You are encouraged to contact the project directors directly, or Program Coordinator Daniel Serrano trend-reu umd. Applications received after the deadline will be considered only on a space-available basis. Students must be currently enrolled in a college or university and have an anticipated graduation date of December or later.

The minimum preferred GPA is 3.Typically, several different projects are available in each of two distinctive programs that are designed for students with different educational backgrounds and interests:.

reddit reu acceptance

For rising sophomores and rare juniors who are considering a major in science or earth science. Application Process Application for Projects closed. Download Flyer of Keck Projects. Designed to provide rising senior and rare junior earth science majors an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skill to collaborative problem-solving during summer, followed by an entire academic year of deeper questioning, data collection, analysis, and dissemination. Facebook Instagram.

Gateway Program For rising sophomores and rare juniors who are considering a major in science or earth science. Read more Advanced Program Designed to provide rising senior and rare junior earth science majors an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skill to collaborative problem-solving during summer, followed by an entire academic year of deeper questioning, data collection, analysis, and dissemination.

reddit reu acceptance

Dominica Gas Sampling Dominica Deposits. Dominica Hike. Dominica Project - Geothermal Studies.

reddit reu acceptance

Dominica Project. Utah Sampling. Utah Team. Alaska Dendrochronology 3. Alaska Dendrochronology 2. Alaska Team. AK Tree Measure. Alaska Dendrochronology.

AK Bug Net. IODP Facility. Iceland Tephrachronology Project. Gulf Taphonomy Project. Iceland Glaciovolcanology Project.

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Great Lakes Forests Project. California Project. Adirondack Catchments Project.Join him tomorrow at 3pm ET as he answers questions about how his internships.

From community college to online programs. Check out our directory of virtual campus tours we know about right now. Check out our exclusive directory of extended deadlines we know about right now. January edited March in Graduate School. I put this in the "summer programs" section, but I realized that is for pre-college. Question still stands: Well?

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Are summer undergrad research programs generally competitive? I ask because an advisor I knew my frosh year said "Just apply everywhere to research programs-not a lot of people apply".

I guess the thinking is that not many students want to do research, let alone think about getting a PhD. Is this true?

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January edited March Replies to: Summer Undergrad Research: Competitive? January These are incredibly competitive programs. The Amgen Scholars programs get like applications for 25 spots half of which are for the home institution's students. Other programs are less competitive; REUs at midwestern state schools aren't going to be that competitive, for instance. I'd apply to many programs if you want to get into one.

Fortunately there're no application fees. JohnWillkins replies 0 threads Junior Member. Coming from a middle of the pack student who applied to 9 REU's last summer summer before my senior yearI'd apply to many and try to do it over a range of competitive levels or at least don't neglect "easier" opportunities.

I had no idea it was so competitive, and ended up doing work at my school over the summer because I was rejected from all of my choices. Even still, I think it comes down to some luck too.

Getting an REU

If you look around, you'll see many people mention how they didn't get into a REU, but they got into grad school I'd take that to mean that it can be competitive, but regardless, it's not a requirement to get into graduate school. Though research is, so do something at your school no matter what you do over the summer.

However, I was given an interview at Pitt this year Pitt SURP said that they accepted 10 of applicants and that those accepted were primarily from disadvantaged backgrounds or were from universities that lacked research opportunities.

reddit reu acceptance

I was accepted and attended Univ. Later in the summer our adviser shared with us how he chose from so many qualified applicants. It became very clear that he was not just admitting qualified individuals, but building a group. Apparently I was accepted because I had some experience with computational mathematics - including computational linear and abstract algebra and numerical analysis.

Another group member was admitted because of his geometric intuition, and another for his amazing skills in making abstractions from concrete examples. If you want to apply to these programs, I recommend you make a strong case for what you can contribute to the project - both as an individual and as a member of a group.Hot Threads.

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Read about reu 30 Discussions Page 1. I just finished my personal statement for physics REU applications, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to read it and give it some critiques or general advice. If accepted, this will be my first REU. I'm applying to 10 schools. I am looking for people who would help me proofread my essay and criticize it as much as you'd like please.

Beginning It was my junior year of high school when I first harbored an interest for physics above other subjects. When I first The application deadline was May 30th and offers are given until around August 7th.

Has anyone had any luck getting accepted to a lab? What labs did you apply to? When did you apply and how long did it take to receive an offer?

Here's a space to check on acceptances for REU programs or other summer jobs. I imagine most of them will start coming by the end of the month. What are you waiting on? What are you excited for? What do you wish you had applied for? I haven't done research before, but I really would like to get into an REU this summer and I am applying to many.

I would like constructive criticism on the rough draft of my personal statement please. Thanks in I had a pretty tough schedule this semester, so I'm getting my first B. I otherwise wouldn't be too sad, but I hear Linear is pretty important in upper-level physics and astronomy. So, will this hurt my chances of getting into grad school? I am was? I realize as a freshman, I was probably too ambitious in my applications, nonetheless I do not want to make any of the same mistakes again.

I have already compiled a spreadsheet of 20 REUs I'm in an odd situation. I was accepted into two So I applied to a few places for a summer REU internship for physics research. I got made an offer from Brown University and Notre Dame and am trying to decide between the two. Notre dame offers me toYou may be thinking forward to when you fill out these same applications in the coming years.

If you are considering a future in research or academia, two important parts of your application will be letters of recommendations from advisors and a statement about your previous research. One way to enhance both and have a lot of fun in the process! First, some background. The NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates program is a program designed to provide opportunities for research for rising juniors and seniors who may not have access to research opportunities at their current institutions.

2018 REU and Summer Program Acceptance Thread

For weeks, students work with an advisor on a pre-planned research project designed to be finished in this time period. In addition to research, students will take part in planned events such as a lecture series, travel to a telescope, or other department functions.

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At the end of the summer, students will give a minute presentation to the other students and faculty at the REU site, in a style similar to lectures one would present at a conference. Some of these programs are as competitive as the top graduate programs, with upwards of people applying for ten or fewer positions.

The probability of getting into any one program might be low, but if you decide not to apply because of this, the probability immediately drops to zero which is even lower!

The NSF keeps an offical list of all the REU sites in all subjects: look through the list of REU sites offering positions for summer students in astronomy and physicsfind a few that you are very interested in, and apply! This is an NSF requirement. But all hope is not lost! See below for other opportunities. This word essay is extremely important. This is your only free-form response on the application, so use these words to explain why you want to spend your summer at the REU and why you are the ideal candidate for this position.

After reading your personal statement, you want the committee to have a reaction something like this. Instead, discuss outreach or classroom activities you participated in which show your interests in a field, and explain how these are related to the type of research you may participate in at the REU. Your personal statement should be tailored to each school: form letters will be obvious and not looked upon favorably by the committee. Most sites require two or three letters.

Provide your letter-writers two weeks advance notice at the bare minimum, or preferably longer. Be sure to write them a nice thank you letter after the deadline! Some sites require official transcripts, while others will accept an unofficial transcript.

So You Want to Apply for an REU… Here’s How

See what is required, and collect official transcripts in plenty of time to meet the deadlines. Consider this a dry run for grad school applications. There are lots of sites that offer information on the subject. This is key! Then wait! Most sites will respond after about one month, near the first of March, at which time you will have weeks to make your decision.

All REU sites will require decisions by the same date, typically around the middle of March. Sites typically keep a short waitlist of students in case they have fewer students accept than they anticipate.

If you are selected, congratulations! Enjoy the experience.

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